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Crossy Roads – Appy Mondays


Why did the chicken cross the road?…. how many reviews of this game have started with these exact words… that’s because Crossy Road is all about getting a chicken safely across a road! And the answer is that the chicken needs to collect coins!

A dull as this game might sound, I found Crossy Road to be a delight to play. You launch the... (read more)



aa android game – Appy Mondays

aa - Android Game

So its Monday again and here is one odd ball game for Android that you just have to check out. aa (yes is lower case) is a simple yet very addictive game, something along the lines of Flappy Bird with regards the frustration levels that can be reached when playing it! The big difference between aa and Flappy Bird is that you can actually... (read more)



Archos TV Connect – Android On Your TV

Archos TV Connect

Hot from the floor of CES, Archos have introduced their latest gadget that integrates the Android operating system into your TV. They call it the Archos TV Connect. I’ve had a number of Archos gadgets down through the years so I am very excited to see this come to market.

The TV Con... (read more)



Wireless Charging Android Phones

HTC Wireless Charging

Will 2013 be the year when wireless charging hits the mainstream? It’s not science fiction no more and hasn’t been for quite sometime, wireless charging devices are out there. (Think of your electric toothbrush!) They maybe few and far between but both the (read more)



Jetpack Joyride Android Game Review – Appy Mondays

Howdy, this week’s installment of Appy Monday is Jetpack Joyride, a super addictive game from Halfbrick Studios the makers of Fruit Ninja.

You take control of Barry Steakfries as he throws a jetpack on his back and bursts his way into a secret laboratory. Barry is continually moving forward so all you have to do is control ho... (read more)



Google Nexus 4

Google recently released details relating to its latest Nexus smartphone. The Nexus 4, which is manufactured by LG, boasts a host of impressive specifications that will leave most Android users chomping at the bit.

While the phone hardware is top drawer, the same cannot be said of the price which is basement bargain. The phone is currently on sale in the U.S. for just $299 USD, unlocked and with no commitment required to a mobile carrier. This will allow folks to purchase a top end phone at a knock down price without the pain of a 12-18 month c... (read more)



Smile Trek – 5000 miles for a smile with Google Maps

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is slightly off topic but it does involve an Android Phone! U.S. Marine Sgt. Winston Fiore decided one day to go on a trek, a 5000 mile trek.

Winston decided to undertake the journey to raise money for children in developing countries that require reconstructive surgery for cleft palates. Money raised going towards the International Children’s Surgical Foundation. The trek took him 5000 miles across Asia, through Brunei, Loas, Taiwan and Vietnam to name but a few. With a trusted Google Nexus phone Sgt. Fiore used Google Maps t... (read more)



Mr Legs Android Game Review – Appy Mondays

Mr. Legs Android Game Review

This week’s  Appy Monday installment is long overdue! But this week I have a game for you that is the one of the weirdest I’ve ever come across!

Mr. Legs is an amazingly quirky unique and to say the least strange android game. The object of the game is simple, collect the cherries as Mr. Legs is as the developers say “is the best... (read more)



ZBand Silent Alarm for Android

Here is a great new accessory for Android devices, it’s a silent alarm called ZBand. (yes i did say silent alarm… read on!)

The ZBand is a wristband which is paired to your android phone using the ZBand Android App. It was designed with simplicity in mind and is designed it to be small, light, comfortable, affordable and user friendly.

The idea is simple; you create and manage your alarms on the... (read more)

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