Here it is, part 2 of our list of some of the best or popular Android apps of 2011. If you are wondering why there are 27, this being such an odd number check out part one 27 Of The Best Android Apps For 2011 Part 1 Please click like if you like it and share it on the Facebook, Thanks!

Lightbox Photos Free

Lightbox Photos Android App

Lightbox Photos is a photosharing app for android, but not only that it also allows you to capture and enhance your photos before you share them with you friends. What sets it apart from other photo sharing apps and website is Lightbox will automatically display your photos on a personalized time line on giving you total control with who views them.

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ASTRO File Manager Free

Astro File Manager

One of first apps I ever installed on my android G1 and it continues to be one of the first apps I ever install on any of my Android devices. I don’t use it daily for traversing the file system but on several occasions it has got me out of the pickle. It helps to organise all files on your phone, pictures, music, videos, documents etc including built in memory and removable sd cards


Foursquare Free

Foursquare Android App

Foursquare is a social app for people on the move who want to explore the world around them while keeping in touch with friends and family. It easily allows you to share your location, pictures and comments. Check-in to restaurants and shops to avail of discounts they may have on offer through Foursquare. The Android app is superb, the app is what every app should be, easy to use and runs with rarely a glitch in sight. It integrates with Google maps so this sits very well with Android.

Winamp Free

Winamp Android App

Winamp is almost as old as mp3’s themselves, great to see it has moved with the times and the app version has everything that was great with the original plus a whole lot more. I use it as default music player on my phone, it also gives the option for a widget to add to your homescreen. The music player is feature packed but easy to navigate. I found it easier than the system music player, while the widget keep controls simple and music information eg. title and album info to a minimum. Syncing is the huge plus with Winamp, it keeps multiple devices including your desktop and also iTunes up to date with your favorite songs.

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Skifta Free

Skifta Android App

DLNA certification is something you will be noticing more and more as time goes by, that is if you haven’t heard of it already. Basically it’s a standard system that devices can use to share digital media, meaning any DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) device can transfer data/media to another DLNA device. The list of compatible devices is continually growing and Skita enables you to add your phone to this list. Share your photos and stream or music or videos between your phone and your xBox, or your TV and vice a versa. Control your phone from the internet to access your PC or stereo. The possibilities are massive!

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Stumbleupon Free

Stumbleupon Android App

Simply tap and Stumble to find websites that you may never ever find. Stumbleupon Android App is super fun and great for the procrastinator in any of us! It allows you to discover websites, videos, pictures and more, you never know where you will stumble once you click that button only that it will be based on your interests and recommendations by people who share your interests. The app integrates easy to use sharing so you can pass on your great finds to your friends.

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Google+ Free

Google+ Android App

The big question… will Google+ take off? It seems to be gaining ground and taking a foothold in the mountain of users facebook holds. The Google+ Android App will certainly be an added incentive for users to switch, with video chat for up to 9 users, a super fast messaging service and Circles, a Google devised system that lets you share your life with the right people. The app seamlessly integrates into the mobile world.

Mindjet Free

Mindjet Android App

Formally known as Thinking Space, Mindjet Android App enables the user to visually structure and organise ideas. Ideal for brainstorming where ideas are continually flowing and developing, Mindjet allows you to track the idea and easily add to any node or further develop a separate idea that may have developed from the original spark. Add tasks to the ideas to develop a workflow all within the app. The App is also compatible with PC based mind map software.

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Cut The Rope €0.68

Cut The Rope Android App

Over 60 Million people cannot be wrong, this is the number of people who have played Cut The Rope on both iPhone and Android, it’s got almost 20,000 reviews on the android market as of time of writing this and a rating of 4.7 out of 5. The object of the game is simple, candy swings from a rope above the hungry Om Nom, swipe your finger to cut the rope and let the candy fell into Om Nom’s mouth… simple… maybe… addictive… definitely! You can return any Android app within 15 minutes of downloading it, all you have to do is uninstall it and you will be refunded your money… I’m guessing you wont be returning this one!

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Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal Free

MyFitnessPal Android App

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is a must have Android app for those who want to lose weight or just keep in fit. The basic’s for keeping in shape is to monitor your calorie intake so you know how much you need to burn. Calorie Counter is fast and easy to use, it stores calorie data on over 1 million types of food all you need to do is scan the product’s barcode. It also allows you to track what you eat and also suggests exercises to burn off the calories. Reports chart progress over time for motivation.

Photaf Panorama Free

Photaf Panorama

Get the full picture with Photaf Panorama! This android app allows you to use your phones camera of tablets camera for that matter to seamlessly capture a panoramic picture of your surrounds. Now you’ll never have excuse of cutting people out of pictures because they wont squeeze in or you cant step back far enough! The app uses the phones orientation senor to know the exact angle each photo was taken and then stitches them back together for your viewing, swiping finger pleasure!.

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Drag racing Free

Drag Racing Android App

For a number of weeks I spent most every spare moment behind the wheel of a BMW M6 making minor adjustments to its gear box to shave nano seconds of my half mile time, Drag Racing the Android game will suck you in and you too will speed your way up the ranks of high powered cars continually upgrading your cars to crack your personal best half mile of quarter mile time. Believe me it will.

Reckless Getaway €1.52

Reckless Getaway Android App

Reckless Getaway, what can I say… watch the video… how could you not want to play it!.

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