Scrabble for Android

Official Scrabble for Android game was made available on all the android platforms lately.

Electronic Arts is the manufacturer of the Scrabble game so it is sure to be really good graphics wise. The layout is pretty unique and stylish and there are some additional touches which are impressive. If any person does not know their own skill level in the game, The judger tool will tell you how skilled you are in the game. If you don’t know how to play the game, the teacher tool will teach you how to play the game. Just like actual scrabble games, you can play it against android Os and you can also play it against other opponents.

The exciting Scrabble game includes different difficulty levels and a built in word list to help you along if that’s what you like to call cheating! An easy to use interface even makes it interesting when you are playing with the OS. It has been made very easy for you to maintain track of your results and statistics. Pause and play options make it easy for you to do your important work in between the game.


It is true that every good thing also has it’s drawback; Scrabble’s the official game also has a drawback or two. The notifications from the server sometimes stop working and sometimes there is a problem with updates from the server, also there are few too many splash screens making the slightly frustrating when you just want to quickly open it up to take your turn. Besides the odd bug and minor drawback the Official scrabble is a notable alternative to the popular Words With Friends app.

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