This app has been around for awhile but I recently found it while i was looking for a way to remotely control a HTPC.
It turns your Android device into a wireless mouse and keyboard… excellent. I have tried it with wifi on my G1 and it works a charm.
Simply go to and download the server for the PC or laptop you want to control. Start the server on your machine and it will display your local ip address.
On your android mobile phone search the marketplace for remotedroid and install, connect your phone to your wifi and launch the app. To setup the app just enter the given ip address of your pc and hit connect.


It is that easy to setup. You will have left and right mouse buttons, the top section of the screen acts like a laptop touchpad, move your finger and the mouse moves. You also have the ability to control the cursor with the trackball.
Oh yes not to forget the keyboard is fully functional also!!
Recommended wifi only, I have used it over edge/3G but it suffers latency problems, this may also be unsecure.
Check out the video below for a full demo.