The Samsung Galaxy S2 proved to be the most popular Android smartphone of 2011. So it comes as no surprise that people have been pouncing on news of its successor… the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Update: Samsung Galaxy S3 Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy S3

The phone will boast top specs with a quad core Processor, 2GB of ram, and a full HD 4.8 inch screen!

Shipping with the latest Android operating system (Ice-Cream Sandwich), and will also contain Samsung’s Touch Whiz skin which has proven so popular.

A features of the S2 which most people were not enamored with was its plastic rear. This is set to be remedied as the S3 may come with a ceramic rear casing. This is an unusual material choice for a phone but one that could prove popular in the future.

Samsung’s are touting this phone as being their flagship phone for the coming fiscal year. From what we can see so far we have no reason to doubt this.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. i already have galaxy s2 one..very nice smartphone even compared to iphone, plan to get one galaxy s3..hope this coming soon galaxy s3 will be more powerful..

  2. Indeed the S2 is a standout Android phone for the 2011-2012 period. The S3 promises to build on the reputation of the S2. Details are scarce at the moment, with lots of rumours being thrown about the web. But specs listed here should be pretty solid as they were announced at the Mobile World Congress.

  3. hi…i need a dual sim cell…and planning to buy android samsung duos…is it worth???do we actually use net on cell..i am confused…please guide me!!!

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