News around Samsung Galaxy is constantly flooding us. Today we want to present you the two hottest news about the phone – one good and one bad.

Let’s begin with the bad one – soon after the problems with the GPS were reported and the developers from Samsung are still working on a solution, another bug has been found. If you have a file with an extension longer than 16 characters (for example file_name.0123456789abcdefg) and try to connect it to your computer via USB, the mobile phone may crash and reset itself, resulting in it becoming unable to connect again to Kies PC software. The situation can be restored if the files with long extension are deleted from the phone. Samsung also report that they are working on a permanent fix of this new issue.


Now let’s forget about the bad and turn to the good news. Samsung Galaxy S is the first Android phone and the second phone ever (after Samsung Wave) which gets DivX for HD video playback at a resolution of 720p. This means that the device has undergone some detailed tests and that it is fully capable to playback such videos and also DivX technology produces high quality videos that require minimum space for storage (although Galaxy S has plenty of memory). Another good thing about this certificate is that you can plug your mobile into another DivX certified device, such as HDTV, and play the videos directly on that device, turning Galaxy S into a small portable set-top box. The phone will also support the secure playback of videos in the DivX format from the leading Movie studios.

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