Google is to acquire Motorola Mobile Inc! This is the latest news coming to the fore. Although Google have always had a huge input in the development on the Nexus, this acquisition means Google will soon be fully in charge of the Nexus phone. Through the acquisition, a new partnership will be birthed between Google and the Motorola corporation. This will go a long way in expanding the reach of the android OS while also giving Google the mobile phone patents its been so desperately chasing.
There had been several concerns on whether the acquisition and the take over the Nexus manufacturing will bring about any change in the Nexus program. But Andy Rubin who is android chief has assured the general public that the acquisition will not bring about any kind of changes whatsoever in the system; things will still be as they were in times past.
The only thing that is expected to happen in the form of change is that some of the components of the Nexus may be improved far beyond what they are able to offer now. The change is however not expected to take place immediately. According to Andy Rubin any change that may occur may not come to pass until around Christmas time.


The engineers whose duty it is to make the changes are expected to work together with Google throughout the period of the change in order to ensure strict adherence to quality and proper Google procedures. Before such an upgrade can take place, the engineers may have to work on it for several months. But it is expected that something far more useful will be the outcome.

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