With the launch of android platform, android apps have hit the market at thick and fast rate. The best thing about these applications was that they were free to download for everybody with its open source platform. The applications came in almost all the forms and all kind of android devices which made the things more special for android phone users.

The apps came in large numbers and believe me almost everything was possible with this application. Yes, everything was possible. However, there were few chosen applications that rocked the market and became as a necessity for an android user.

ATM Hunter – As its name suggests, this application is able to locate any ATM across the world by availing its location information through GPS. The application has been released by MasterCard. The best part of the application is that it’s also able to tell whether a transaction on a particular ATM will charge you some bucks.


Hound – This is the best application for the music freaks out there in the market and as a music lover, my one of the most favorite application. As a used, you just need to speak out a name of a song or an artist or a band and it will display smallest of details about the song with its pictures and lyrics. The killer feature is that it is able to provide tour dates of that band if any.

Words with Friends – Its more of a scrabble game or you can say it’s a clone of a scrabble game. Then, what is special about this game? The killer feature for this application is that a user is able to play this application with a buddy who either has an android based phone or an iPhone.

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