Recently, CEO of Motorola, Mr. Sanjay Jha accused android apps for having performance issues which actually caused the return of Motorola’s android phones. He claimed that even though Google removes the malware apps from the market, they do not check the applications for performance which causes the battery drain for most of the Android mobiles.

Basically, no Android app comes with the requirement of certain processor speed and ram memory. In addition, mobile phone companies add lower speed processor and memory to reduce the cost of the handset. Now, if an application is not able to run with lower ram memory or processor, it eats up mobile battery and thus causing quick battery drain from the android mobile phone. It’s not just that. Such poor performing android apps can also cause functional issues in the phone such as to drag the phone’s speed down, this has been observed by many android handset users.


Few days ago, it was noted on one of the TV shows that an android app does not come with notification that it requires certain speed of processor and ram. So, diagnosing and fixing performance issues for android phones becomes geekier than a normal customer may want to handle. iPhone apps generally comes with predicted performance because of the few iPhone models as well as better processor and ram speed in a phone.

However, for those users who want to go with Android phones, it will be good to check the least required hardware specifications for an android app before using it in their phones.

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