When we talk about a stock iphone application, I have listened to people gripe in relation to the gallery. QuickPic is such an alternative to a person’s total gallery alternative, ostracizing Android’s gallery features and supplying you with heaping bundles with functionality to use in lieu.

Rather than knavish, floating pile of snap shots commonly gallery gives you, you are granted a stable list. No neat effects virtually and changing perspectives, as you transfer your cellular phone. What we do get, having said that, is speediness.


Something an individual loses through the stock gallery is the power to long touch an entire album and after that, move them, share the idea, delete the item, etc. Additionally you can see the actual, precise location on the picture gallery from its primary menu.

As soon as you press on to the Android Gallery, the QuickPic becomes visible. A picture seems to be available to search without doubt from a right or left swipe, and the double press offers not one, but two times the zoom. Another double tap brings you back to the original size. Additionally, there is pinch in zoom.

Once a photo (or snap shot) is picked out, you can share, make a copy, shift their location in your SD card, erase them, or maybe rotate these. There is also a provision to select everything into an album in seconds.

Android app QuickPic does not flaunt of something which it is not, but for just what aims generally are, it does really well. If your desired your gallery to be really quick, straight to point, QuickPic is the application for you.

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