It is likely that your Android smartphone is used by your friends, or child or your spouse. You may be tired of setting new passwords to protect apps in your android phone. Now Vidison Applock provides you with a new system of unlocking the android apps.
Vidison Applock is a convenient method to protect your mobile from others. It provides with face recognition. You can use face recognition to protect any applications on your phone such as SMS, Gallery, etc. It is the fast and better way to protect your private applications.


What you have to do is just select the application that is to be protected. Now you have to take a snapshot of your face. Then, your face will be your key. The snapshot you take will help you to unlock the applications that are protected. Camera in the front is the most because it is the main thing. If your phone lacks front facing camera then you will not be able to use this function. Only password verification can be used in that case. Different hardware is present in different devices so the experience of using it may vary.

Unlocking apps with facial recognition sounds interesting but there is one disadvantage. The software can be bypassed by those people around interwebs. It is still not the best software. It is always used as a second choice to protect the apps and contents. You can try this software just for fun. It is on you whether you like or dislike the software and the face recognition to unlock contents and apps in your Android smartphone.

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