The Vampire fascination of people has led to the development of a new facial expression application for Android run smartphones. Facial recognition was first started by Viewdle.

On 22nd June Viewdle started letting Android users see, which people around them are vampires and who are vampire slayers. This app is associated with the ‘Third Eye’ augmented reality game realized online by a San Francisco based company, it is available at
This is the first amongst the trilogy which will end in a battle between the vampires (undead) and the defenders of the living world.


It is basically a fun demonstration of the many powerful software platforms which help the Android smartphone cameras recognize what ever they see. This could trend the way for potential supportive devices like sight for the blind and memory for the forgetful.

This wonderful facial recognition technology developed by Viewdle was launched this April as a SocialCamera application for Android-powered smartphones. Through this ‘faceprints’ are created which can be tagged and stored. Android smartphones can instantly connect the names to the photos and share images on social networks and elsewhere.
The “Third Eye” basically uses facial characteristics to calculate whether the people viewed through the smartphone camera are “blood suckers” or humans who are saving the world (vampire slayers).

The first addition of the game will divide people into two sections of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ so that they could be battles between the groups with further realizes of the game later this year.

Viewdle avoided controversy by giving the power to control facial expressions to the smartphone user and has not put it on the internet servers.

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