The Xperia Active is Sony Ericsson’s newly announced smartphone; it is essentially built to withstand the elements. It is dust proof, water resistant and even has “wet figure tracking”.

This new Android smartphone was made keeping two types of people in mind, one who are sportier in nature and the other who tend to sweat profusely. Most probably it is not built to withstand a dip in the swimming pool or a fall in the toilet. It is mainly made for those people who would like to use their smartphone while sweating it out on the treadmill, or for others who would like to check out their Runkeeper stats while sweating out.


Sony Ericsson on Wednesday released the Xperia Ray, which is a rather plain, simple Android smartphone. It has a 1-GHz processor, 3.3-inch screen and 8.1-megapixel back facing camera. This device was unveiled at CommunicAsia tech conference in Singapore.

The past few years have seen releases of several Android based smartphones. Because of the over-flooding we see that most of the phones have very similar features. The user can hardly differentiate between two different smartphone devices.

Sony Ericsson has gone out of its way and releasing a totally new hardware design with minimal software modifications. The Xperia Play (or PlayStation phone), it includes a built-in, slide out PlayStation controller interface; this is a pioneer release by the company. The release of Xperia Active is similar to the play-curveball addition to the company’s line up of smartphones which aim to standout in a crowded market. Both Sony Ericsson Android smartphones will be available this fall.

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