Google has some real big legal problems to solve involving the Android operating system. As Android is a Linux based system, centrally controlled.

Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and other companies have filed a number of patent suits against Google OEM’s, the developers of the Android phones. These companies have charged violations of many patents. May be none of these charges are very big but all of them put together do have something for Google to worry about.


One of the most important suits is the one filed by Oracle (ORCL); it’s concerning the Java script used to write apps for Android devices. The company has both copyright and patent claims against Google using Java in the Dalvik virtual machine. Oracle claims that a General Public License (GPL) version of Java for Dalvik was not used by Google and the software was further modified to make it quasi-proprietary to Google, thus resulting in further violation of rights.

This violation was done by Google at a time when the previous owners of Java Sun Microsystems were promoting wide adoptions of Java; Google took advantage of the system. As Google needed to maintain control of the Android ecosystem, it used a mixture of proprietary and permissive open source licenses (like Apache).

Last week Oracle filed a claim that Google liabilities in this case could be as much as $6.1 billion. The company chiefly wants all that Google has made from Android, along with half of anything else it is going to make in the future. All this has put Google Android’s future in jeopardy.

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