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You’ve all heard of trainspotting?… not the film but the epic activity. Well Foodspotting is just like that except you can eat the train! It’s a visual guide to food and where to find it! What more does a body want!

Open up the app and you will be presented with pictures of delicious dishes all sorted by location. You can view the ‘Best’ meals ie. highest rated by other users, view dishes by how ‘Nearby’ they are to your current location or view by the ‘Latest’ dishes added by other users.

I have to say researching  this app did have its benefits!

Foodspotting Android App Screenshot


So next time you are wondering what to eat or where you would like to go to, just pop open the app, click Nearby and the app will not only suggest where to go but show you pictures of the best meals in your area. Sign up with your Facebook account and you can add your own favorite feeds and also rate meals currently added to the app that you may have devoured.

Sorry for the lateness of this Appy Monday installment, hopefully this app will help you have a tastier Tuesday!

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