Frozen Bubble

A very simple game that you will be addicted to in a matter of seconds! The concept is easy, you have to knock down all the hanging bubbles by firing another bubble at them. If three or more matching coloured bubbles join they will get knocked off.  Once all the bubbles have been knocked off you advance to the next level.


The one great thing about this game and what makes it most addictive are the levels. You could be hours trying to get past a level, expecting the next level to be super hard when odds are within 3 tries you’ll have the next level completed. Makes for good gameplay in my opinion and keeps you hooked to the game. Just tell about level 70!

I’m sure there is a version on the iphone as there is also a version on symbian, you can get the android version from the market. Originally ported from java this game has stood the test of time and you’ll be glad you gave it a go.