Now a days security of cell phone is very essential, because approximately 30 million people lose their cell phones every year, so which is like a whopping 50,000 phones lost/stolen per day!


Here is a cool android security application WaveSecure mainly designed for android mobile like Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One.WaveSecure is simple application install it on your phone, backup your important data like SMS, call logs, or schedule automatic routine backup. WaveSecure app asks for at least one contact number that will SMS when your SIM card is swapped out for another.

Features of WaveSecure

  • Track downs phone’s location and who is using it.
  • Lock downs phone remotely, make it worthless to the thief.
  • Automatic and secure backup of data.
  • Wipe out your data remotely, and protect your privacy.

 How WaveSecure Works?

After your phone gets lost or stolen, you can remotely lock down its important data,and also track activity and carrier use. And also it send a text messages to contact number provided during activation of WaveSecure. WaveSecure also try to pin down the rough location of the phone.

Download WaveSecure