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First off, this is not free! But that in itself is a statement as to how good this game is, it’s the first app I’ve included in the Appy Mondays series that you have to pay for, One Euro and five cent will get you Granny Smith one of the most enjoyable games on the Android market today

There are 36 levels tot his superb game, where you, as Granny Smith don a pair of roller skates to chase after a young thief who tries to steal you apples. The object of the game is to collect all three apples on each level before the thief does. For the most part Granny Smith will self propel herself, you can use the jump button to make her not only jump but somersault into the air, being careful to land her on her feet!. You also have the option of using her cane not only as a speed boost but also the hook the thief and slow him down. As levels progress you use the cane to hang form ropes going between buildings and tress etc.

Granny Smith screen shot android app

Gameplay is exceptional and I got the old school free of Sonic The Hedgehog, so if you are a fan of Sonic, this game is well worth checking out. There are powerups such as helmets and baseballs for throwing in the tool shed that can be swapped for points collected, character changes also int eh shape of a dog and an old man, each with canes!


Gameplay is second only to graphics, the whole game is given a vintage twist to keep up with the aging Granny, menu’s are within old TV surrounds and sepia coloring’s.  The graphically details on every level and how beautifully drawn the buildings and landscapes make the game a joy to play.

Download it, you’ll love it, You’ll have a very Appy Monday!



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