Hello there fellow Android Mobilers, hope you guys and gals are all well and appy! This week I have a good old plain and simple loads of fun app for you all to try out.

Face Swap is exactly what it says on the tin…. it lets you change two faces on a picture instantly. The faceswapper tool uses automatic face recognition to select the faces to be swapped and at a touch of a button you can switch the faces of people on to different bodies.

Face Swap

In reality, although the app is pretty well built, it feels solid with good graphics, I found the face recognition to be a bit dodge, it didnt just get the faces exact. That said you do have the option to move the selection to the desired location and if the faces are straight you can get very good results. Face Swap also gives you the option to flip and rotate the faces, giving you even better results.


Overall the results do depend on the picture you are use, I’d like to see an option to zoom into an image to allow you to select faces more accurately. It’s good fun swapping faces of friends or parents with their kids you get some very funny results. A cool app to have a laugh with! Download it on Google Play and have an Appy Monday!

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