Here is a great new accessory for Android devices, it’s a silent alarm called ZBand. (yes i did say silent alarm… read on!)

The ZBand is a wristband which is paired to your android phone using the ZBand Android App. It was designed with simplicity in mind and is designed it to be small, light, comfortable, affordable and user friendly.


The idea is simple; you create and manage your alarms on the ZBand Android App. The App then syncs the alarms to the wristband. When it’s time for the alarm to go off, the ZBand wristband vibrates to gently awaken the wearer without disturbing anyone else in the vicinity. You can also configure snooze times and vibration strength on the App.

So, who is ZBand for?

  • Couples who get up at different times in the morning
  • Parents with kids who sleep close by
  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Students or travellers who sleep in dorms or hostels

As you could imagine, uses for the ZBand is endless.

ZBand Android Silent AlarmZBand is easy; once you purchase the ZBand wristband you simply install the ZBand App on your Android smart phone or tablet via the Android Play store. Then, you pair your phone with the ZBand wristband and you’re done.You can then create alarms and configure your snooze and vibration settings. The ZBand gently vibrates when it receives instructions from the App to indicate it has received and understood alarm commands. The good news, unlike your phone or tablet the Zband wristband will last over 10 days on a 30 minute charge. You can charge the band using your Android phone or standard USB charger. There is also a USB cable included with the ZBand.

The ZBand was invented, designed and developed by Paul Griffin and Declan Leonard, which is an interesting story in itself. You can check out more about their story and the ZBand on The first shipment of ZBand’s is due in at the end of November. Griffin and Leonard are running a campaign on indiegogo at present to help get the word out there about the ZBand. So you can pre-order the ZBand on and by doing so you are helping the ZBand and a start-up get up and running.


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