ING recently announced a publication of an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developer to retrieve ATM machines located nearest to a geolocation. Here API identifies geolocation and returns about 10 closest ATM Machine locations.

So ING developed application ING Direct ATM Finder basically for Android phones to find nearest ATM location.

Features of ING ATM Finder

  • It locates about 35,000 free Allpoint® ATMs by GPS or address.
  • This application displays a list as usual as map of the nearest ATMs.
  • Provides proper directions to ING DIRECT Cafés.

If you take an example of G1 android phone,along with preloaded ING Wegwijzer application,it also has a built in compass, which means that it can not only determine where users are, but also which direction they’re facing.


How  ING ATM Finder Works With in G1 Android?

First open Wegwijzer, selects the camera mode, and hold the phone as though to take a picture. Along with the live image of what’s in front of him,  also shows a location lable where the nearest ATM is, literally pointing to the building that contains ATM machine. So this is  far more intuitive  and easier way to find an object than by looking at a map; it’s the phone equivalent of asking a human and having them point to what you’re looking for.