Many of Android phone lovers waiting for releasing date of Android 2.2 code-named Froyo. Android 2.2 is next version of Google Android OS. Recently I colleted information quite a bit about Android 2.2

Features of Upcoming Android 2.2 OS

  • Google Android 2.2 is much faster-This is more exciting and coolest part of Android 2.2 OS. Android 2.2 is 400% faster than Android 2.1 on a Nexus one.
  • Android 2.2 act as a Wi-Fi hotspot-Android 2.2 Froyo is treated as future WiFi hotspot! So anyone can broadcast phone 3G signal to any devices. The new update will also support tethering!
  • Inbuilt Flash –Android 2.2 Froyo will come with integrated Flash support. This was one of the few things officially confirmed by google.
  • Install Apps on Memory Card-This was one of the basic features missing in Android, So it will be introducing as a another key feature of android 2.2. Now users can run slightly large application which are memory intensive.
  • Automatic Application update in background-This feature is avoiding manual update of android phone applications, and froyo will automatically downloads and install update in the background.[via]