Rope n Fly

Hello there and welcome to another installment of Appy Monday!

This week we have a game that requires a certain amount of skill, think spiderman and his webs. Rope’n’ Fly- From Dusk Till Dawn is the sequel to Rope ‘n’ Fly an already very very popular game in the app store.

You are ¬†a rag doll, that can swing from skyscraper to skyscraper with the aid of ropes. cast out a rope to attach to a building and start swinging then tap again to release it, creat momentum to throw you tot he next skyscraper where you can throw another rope, propelling you through the sky…. well that the plan!


In addition to skyscrapers you can attach your rope to balloons or planes, these will help you finish the level quicker thus gaining a higher score and beating your friends who you can compete against online.

The game is riddle with various jump achievements to gain extra points. But remember the rag doll is destructible so if he falls its lights out.

Check out the video trailer below of the game, you can download the Rope ‘n’ Fly for free on Google Play. Oh yeah… Have yourself an Appy Monday

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