Samsung Mobile Unpacked event 29 August 2012

Amid the turmoil of patent battles with Apple, Samsung have a announced their latest addition to their Galaxy family.

Most people will be familiar the Samsung Galaxy Note, a monster sized phone so much so it borders the line of tablet with its 5.3 inch screen the Phone/Tablet even has a stylus . Samsung Galaxy Note full review from earlier in the year, this is a review of the old Galaxy note but it should give you an idea of what Samsung will be offering with thier new Galaxy Note.

Details are few and far between as of yet, but what is known is the new Note will sport a 5.5 inch screen (bigger than the current version) an improved camera and a more powerful processor….


Taking that in mind and looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3 specs we would be guessing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 should be tricked out with similar specs, 1.5 GHz Quad-core? and perhaps a 12 megapixel camera??…

Very well, how and ever and therefore will we have to wait till August 29th to get full details and a glimpse of the new device when Samsung will be holding Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin.

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