Fifteen Puzzle X

Fifteen Puzzle X is a modern take or some might say a software take on an old hardware version of the Fifteen Puzzle.
The basic game is made up of 15 tiles placed in a grid and jumbled up, your job is to solve the puzzle by sliding the tiles and arrange them in order…. It’s all coming back now isn’t it!
Fifteen Puzzle X does an excellent job at recreating the game, sliding the tiles is fluid and responsive, a key factor in such a game. There a good few options aswell such as different styles or skins for the boards. You can play with numbers, Roman numerals or letters. To test your skill further there are 2 bigger boards a 5 by 5 board and a 6 by 6 board. (Beginners board is 4 by 4)


One gripe I do have and a user mentioned it in google play comments is, when you finish a game the screen flicks back to the menu screen and you don’t get a chance to marvel over your completed puzzle.
An added feature I would like to see is the option to add an image or photo to the grid, so you can literally rearrange your face!! All in all a great app, well worth the download. – Oh Yeah… Have yourselves an Appy Monday!

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