Prepare to have fun, raptastic fun! AutoRap is the latest piece of exciting software from Smule that you have to download and try out.

We have all heard of autotune, the technology used by questionable music artists around the world, well AutoRap is the next step up from that, not only will it autotune your own voice but it will swap chop and change your lyrics to match the beat your choose.

And it works unbelievable well! Check this out!

There are 2 modes, Talk mode and Rap mode. In Talk mode simply talk into the app, choose the beat or even a song from artists such as Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Eminem (You have to purchase these as extra content) and let Autorap do its magic. it will rearrange slow down or speed up what you spoke into the app and mix it with the beat to produce an excellent rap!


Rap mode is for the pros, choose the song or beat you want then follow the rap on the screen as it scrolls past. AutoRap will auto correct the timing making your rap slick smooth.

Once you’ve layed down your beats and added your lyrics, AutoRap has excellent sharing options so you can pass the tunes on to you friends via facebook, twitter or good old email.

Take a look at the video below just to see how easy it is to lay down a rap! And have yourself a Rap Appy Monday!

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