Traktor Digger Android App

This week we have a bit of curve ball, I cant imagine it will be to everybodies tastes but give it a go, you might just enjoy it!

Traktor Digger puts you in charge of a whole host of different types of tractors, diggers and even a crane! The object of the game is to dig for Gold!! You know you’ve always wanted to do this!

Using the on screen left and right controllers you have to maneuver your vehicle into the correct position, carefully dig through rubble, again using the onscreen joypads (this can be tricky and takes a bit of time to master) move the rubble out of the way to find the gold. Once you can get to the gold you put that in your loading bucket and drop it in the waiting truck.


All sounds very easy doesn’t it! There is an element of a puzzle tot his game, in that you must work of the what to use where and dumping unwanted rubble in some areas can hamper you when you make your move for the gold. Also each levels are timed, which adds a competitive edge to the game.

There are a few cons to this game, mainly the controls which kind put you off the game at first, but because of its uniqueness I think its worth the free download at least. Oh and have an Appy Monday!

Not the best video I’ve ever seen demonstrating a game…

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