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This weeks Appy Monday App is HOT and I mean HOT. Klip Video Sharing as the name suggests is a video sharing app for your android mobile.

Think of Klip, kind of like the Twitter of the video world, Klips are short video’s that are easy, quick and fun to watch but also to share.


The sharing is where klip really shines,  the app allows you to share your Klip on not only on your favorite social network but also on the Kilp network.

Klip Video Sharing

The Kilp interface is impressive, once launched the home screen displays the most popular videos currently being shared, with options to also display Latest, Weekly and an All Time (Will we see a Charlies finger here in the future?!) The capture button is cleverly integrated into and once you tap the button to set recording the homescreen with the list of videos swaps to display the view from your camera.

Give Klip a go, Download it from play.google.com I wouldnt be surprised if this app is snapped up by a major player, oh and have an Appy Monday!





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