Some days ago Google introduced a new application for their mobile OS – Android, that will make our everyday tasks easier. Voice Actions for Android is like the built in voice search, but with an extended functionality. Voice Actions is a set of 10 spoken commands that allow the user to do different tasks easily and seamlessly just by speaking to the phone.

With Voice Commands a user can:

  • Send text messages: Say “send text to [recipient] [message]*
  • Get directions: Say “navigate to [address/city/business name]
  • Call contacts: Say “call [contact name] [phone type]*
  • View map: Say “map of [address/city]
  • Write a note: Say “not to self [message]
  • Listen to music: Say ”listen to [artist/song/album]
  • Call business: Say “call [business name] [location]*
  • Send e-mail: Say “send mail to [recipient] [subject]* [body]*
  • Go to a website: Say “go to [website]
  • Search Google: Say “[your query]

(fields marked with * are optional)

It’s no longer necessary to swipe, slide, tap or type – just decide what do you want to do and ask your mobile phone to do it. The only drawback is that it is available only for Android 2.2 (Froyo) users, so let’s hope that Froyo will reach more mobiles so that everyone can use Voice Actions.

Bellow you can find the QR code for downloading Voice Actions: