I came across this app a few days ago and thought it was pretty cool, basically it allows you place widgets and custom sliders on your lock screen.


WidgetLocker Lockscreen sliders


Whats the big deal I hear you ask…? Well think about it, if your are in a rush to get the camera app on your phone, normally you have to get your phone out, press the power button, unlock the screen, open the launcher or slide to the screen where you have the camera shortcut and then wait for the camera to start up… by that time that kodak moment is well and truely over!

With WidgetLocker, add a Camera slider button to your lockscreen, when you need to take that photo, take out your phone, press the power button and instead of unlocking the phone simply slide the camera slider and hey presto the camera app will boot straight up.

You can do this for any application on your phone. Add left sliders, right sliders or center buttons, giving you several ways to open different apps.

WidgetLocker does come at a price €2.25 at the time of writing on Google Play, but for what it does it is excellent value for money. The app is well built and for the most part bug free.


Setting up your custom lockscreen is simple and not much different from adding a widget or app to your homescreen. There are a whole heap of options in the settings menu to mess around with.

Another super addition to WidgetLocker is the ability to add contact information to your lockscreen. For example, if you have an unlock pattern or code to unlock your phone like most people would have, what happens when you lose your phone… if somebody finds your phone they cant unlock it to get any contact information from it if they did want to return it to you.

WidgetLocker Information lockscreen

WidgetLocker allows you to add a telephone number or email address to your lockscreen. So anybody who finds the phone at least has contact information if they choose to return the phone… fingers crossed!

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