Zoodles is known as a computer application, that specializes in creating an educational, fun and entertaining experience for children. Now Zoodles expands their influence and reaches Android users. It is the perfect solution to keep your children entertained while being in a car jam, on a long trip or while you are waiting in front of the doctor’s office.


One of the most valuable and appreciated features by the parents is that it makes a software lock of your device so that it’s a bit harder to exit Zoodles and end up with e-mails, contacts, messages and applications messed up after getting your device back. But on the other hand, your 1 to 8 years old kids won’t want to quit the game because it features a lot of games, videos and other content that will keep the child’s attention.

When you start Zoodles, your child should tap on his picture and the application will automatically detect your phone model, presence of flash and based on this information, on kid’s age and abilities Zoodles will load the appropriate content. For example, if your child can’t read yet, the application will present only image-based games. It is also possible to add games and videos to a Favorites list and access them later quickly.

The application is already available on the Market and can be freely downloaded. For quick access just scan the QR code bellow:

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