Have you ever wanted your Android mobile phone to be able to make astonishing pictures with a quality as at least a mid-class photo camera? I’m pretty sure that most of you have been at least once in a situation, where you’ve wanted to capture the moment, but you don’t have a photo camera nearby and your mobile phone makes awful pictures. Well, soon you won’t have such problems, if you buy Altek Leo 3.5G.


This mobile phone is equipped with a 14MP camera, capable of HD video recording, having a 3x optical zoom, 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5G (HSPA/WCDMA), GPS, accelerometer, digital compass and one not-so-popular feature – handwriting recognition. All this will be driven by Android 2.1 OS.

As the camera is the main feature of this handy, there are plenty of features about it – smile detection, blink detection, built-in xenon flash and auto-focus assist lamp. However, still there are no sample photos taken with that mobile phone, but as it is expected to hit the markets in Europe in the first quarter of 2011 some samples should come up soon.

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