Finally! After months and months of waiting, the time has come! Skype has released their application for Android mobile phones to everyone. Skype can be downloaded from the Android market by everyone, no matter in which country you live or which is your carrier. It has just been released, having less than 50 downloads during the time, when the article was published.

The application allows you to make skype-to-skype calls over WiFi or 3G networks (but if you live in USA you are limited to WiFi only), you can make skype-out calls, skype-to-skype chat, you can also synchronize your skype contacts with your mobile phone contacts. The application has many of the features of the computer one. The chat bubbles are very nice and polished, you are able to choose from each one of the famous emoticons, you can arrange your contacts by different ways – showing all, or only the online ones, Skype contacts, Saved phone numbers, Recently contacted, and Blocked contacts.


The application remembers your user name and password, so you don’t have to type them each time you log in. One nice feature is that the applications darkens the screen while talking, saving some battery in this way (this features uses the proximity sensor, similar to the built-in one in your phone while making regular calls). Please also take in mind that sometimes the applications loads the processor too much, which may result in dropped calls. I personally haven’t tried the skype-to-skype calls but there are people who say that the sound quality is not very good.

After all, this is an initial version and the application itself is quite complex, so it is normal to have some bugs and not well done things, but surely the developers at Skype will work on them and make the application as good and stable as the computer one.

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