Isn’t tablet market already rocking with so many android based tablets? What? You said no? Okay, here is one more android based tablet from Toshiba for you. Soon, Toshiba is going to launch an Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) based tablet which has been named as “Thrive”. Even though, Toshiba has already started advertising for the same, suddenly the advertisement was pulled down by the time this post goes online. In fact, it has also been heard that Toshiba has already delayed the launch of this tablet and might do again to delay the launch till 3rd quarter of this year. Anyways, let us look at some technical specification of this android based tablet.

Thrive is a 10.1 inch size tablet with multitouch screen and pixel dimensions are 180×800. A tablet us supported by dual core processor Tegra2 with 1 GHz frequency. The screen has a feature of Adaptive Display Technology from Toshiba which regulate the contrast and brightness according to the surrounding environment where tablet is used. This means, it will be easier to use the tablet in sunny environment.


A web browsing and video calling are the highlights of the tablet as android based tablet is supported with Adobe 10.1 flash and having 2 MegaPixel HD camera in front. In addition, tablet also has a 5 MP HD camera at backside to capture high quality videos. Above all, it also has an HDMI output to attach this tablet to your HDTV to enjoy high quality videos on a big screen. With that, even SD videos are also upscaled. Otherwise, all the regular tablet features like USB 2.0 and wi-fi are included in this tablet. This android based tablet is eagerly waited in the tablet market.

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