Do you remember those rumors that Amazon is coming with Android tablets etc… etc…? If your answer is yes, let me tell you they are no more rumors, it’s a real thing. In fact, we have gone more into it to know its prices as well. From some faithful sources, we came to know that Amazon’s android tablets are in existence and those sources having also told us that the starting price for these tablets is $349. Let us look at this news in a bit detail.

Amazon has come up with two different tablets named Coyote and Hollywood having 7 – inch and 10 – inch display respectively. The intent of Amazon is to come up with the cheapest tablets in the market which is quite clear with its prices.


Coyote, a 7 – inch android tablet has been powered by dual-core processer Nvidia tegra 2 just like the other tablets launched in the market this year. So, there is nothing special in hardware side. However, with the cheap prices, these android tablets are definitely looking to give Noble Nook Color and Barnes a tough competition in the tablet market. Coyote has been launched in the market with the price of $349 which is few bucks cheaper than the other 7 – inches tablets.

Hollywood, a 10 – inch android tablet has been powered by quad core processor, Nvidia Kal-El which might also be known as tegra 3. Hollywood’s lowest version costs only $449 which is at least $50 cheaper than iPad and any other tablet out there in the market. If other tablets’ prices don’t drop drastically in near future, Amazon has the powerful beast in their hand which can top the tablet charts in market.

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