How would you feel if somebody says that there will be a time when a user will be able to run android applications on a Windows desktop? The title of this article also says the same thing and yes, it seems that there will be a time in the near future that even windows desktop users will be able to play android games on their machines.

The company BlueStacks have announced that they will help PC users to take advantage of momentum generated by Android ecosystem by enabling them to run Android applications on their x-86 machines including notebooks, tablets and AOI computers. With this convertible form factor, the company is looking to reduce the dependency of certain applications on certain platforms allowing users to carry only a single device at a time. This will also benefit PC manufacturers to boost the machines lifetime and their margins as well.


For users, BlueStacks will make it easier to find and install Android apps from the windows desktop. Moreover, BlueStacks is also looking to tie up with online stores like Amazon, Slideme or Getjar from which users can buy android apps and can install them on multiple tablets, phones and PCs.

With this new development, even broader businesses are expected to get advantages. Rather than looking out for honeycomb tablets, businesses will look to run particular applications on the standard x86 machines. More importantly, .apk files from Android will be converted to .msi package files which will make its distribution and installation quite easy. It will also allow IT administrators to schedule the launch and installation of dedicated apps according to requirement.

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