One of the latest technologies announced by Google is the Near Field Communication (long for NFC), which is a short-range wireless data exchange between devices. Available only on the newest Android smart phone, the Nexus S made by Samsung, NFC is a technology, which promises a lot.

The Nexus S has a chip implemented in the motherboard, which can store all sort of information regarding credit and debit card, networking contact storage or PINs. The process is similar with the price tags scanning devices you will find in stores. Besides ordinary functions, such as data sharing between users or launching phone calls, you can use your smart phone as a payment tool also. Because is a relatively new technology, Android established a payment limit which you can use to buy goods, at 25 US dollars. However, once the system will be stable the benefits of such a technology will be huge.


Imagine a smart phone that can replace your wallet or credit cards, and with whom you will be able to buy any product at any price. In addition, NFC technology will be more secure in case something goes wrong with your device. Thanks to the ability of using a GPS tracking software on your Android phone you will feel safer to know that whoever steals your phone will not be able to use your personal information. NFC works from a small distance, no longer than four inches, in order to prevent accidental access to your smart phone. So, NFC is a real good technology to adapt to.

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