Android is an operating system for mobile devices owned by Google Inc. It was purchased by Google from its original creator Android Inc. in 2005. The Android operating system is the globally best-selling Smartphone software. Android has a large team of developers working to create new and advanced applications for its users to improve its functionality and to give it an edge over other Smart phones. Currently Android has over 200,000 applications available for its users. Google runs an online application store for Android where all these applications can be found and downloaded to users’ individual phones.


The most development in the Android application has been Google’s announcement to launch the Google Wallet. This official announcement was made on the 26th May 2011. Google Wallet is a new application for Android which will allow you to make payments through your Android phone. This will be done in collaboration with financial groups. The application is expected to release very soon. It is exactly what it sounds like, using your phone as a wallet. You’ll be able to purchase items using your Android phone instead of your wallet or your credit card. Not only that, it will also allow you to save money.
Google Wallet has been designed for your convenience. It will eventually take over the place of your leather wallet and hold all your cards in it. Since Google Wallet is not a real wallet but a mobile application, it can do much more than the regular wallet; hold thousands of payment cards, Google offers and loyalty cards without the bulk. It’s not long before even your keys will be synced to your Android phone as well.

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