Video chat has been very popular all over the world in the past few days and isn’t possible that people would like to talk while moving??!. Normally during a walk, an image in a video shakes making it blur and dull so the video call loses its quality. Absolutely nobody wants to watch a blured image of the person they are talking with.
We have all experienced the shaky video capturing while walking, as the popularity of video conversations is increasing with break neck speed it is likely to that people would like to talk while literally on the move.
Android 3.0+ embeds SRI International’s 2d video stabilization which removes the blur effect in videos and makes it possible to talk and walk.


SRI Sarnoff has been working on video stabilization since the early 1990s and by now he is able to figure out the main key elements to stabilize a video in motion. This led to the invention of 2d video stabilization which successfully over came this problem and provided great stability to video capturing devices.
When a camera captures a video, it is first compressed then transmitted. When a continuous motion video is compressed it increases the bandwidth used to conceal the video. SRI software uses less bandwidth and allows the improvement of image quality by compression. In fact the motion video is stabilized before compression which will minimize the amount of work for the compression engine. It gives many benefits including less drain battery life.
The 2d video stabilization works best with Android, it is noted that many other tablets and phones like iPhones and Ipads offer video stabilization but they do not feature the same quality android.

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