After amazing the world with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Google Inc. presents the upcoming new Android platform which will have more enhanced graphics and accessories. Certainly the new Android version would be 4.0 but it is possible that it would be given a lower version number.
It is not yet sure when this new version will be released but the new Android 4.0 would be more advanced, more capable and more powerful.
Previously android versions only supported a single type of hardware at a time but the new Android 4.0 will be able to handle both Android phones and Tablets in a single OS which means the applications will only need to be coded once for the unified OS.


Multitasking will be more efficient and reliable in the new Android 4.0 so users will not run out of memory. The new android platform will make it easy to connect to any third party device such as an Xbox.
The face recognition feature on the new 4.0 platform allows you to identify faces when taking a picture, the software then tracks and adjusts the image keeping that person always in focus.
Android 4.0 is said to feature a 720p HD screen with impressive graphics and an amazing ability to capture 1080p HD video.
The recommended requirements for hardware to support the new Android platform, should have 1.5GHz processor and a total of 1GB RAM with an ultra sized high quality display.

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