Digg… digg…, this is what Microsoft is doing at different Android based mobile makers in order to make money out of Android based phones. At this point of time, Microsoft has targeted South Korea based leading mobile brand Samsung to pay $15 for each android based phone sold by the company.
It was last year when Microsoft started targeting Android based smart phone makers. At that point in time, Microsoft said that the user interface and functionality used by Android based phones are the same as patents filed by Microsoft and they gave the following statement.. “Microsoft is in no mood to allow android based phone makers run free with products that are invented by them”.


Apart from claims of patent infringement, Microsoft also announced that they have signed a license agreement with another android based phone maker HTC. Even though, the terms of this agreement were not disclosed, HTC had confirmed that they were ready to pay royalties to Microsoft for each phone they sell.
Since then, it has become commonplace for Microsoft to sue all other android phone makers. In October 2010, Motorola was sued by Microsoft for violating patterns in their android based handsets. However, this resulted in a counter suit from Motorola claiming Microsoft was using 16 of their patents in their Windows based machines and mobile handsets. That was not the end. Motorola also claimed that even the Xbox is using patents filed by Motorola. A consequence of this, companies are still fighting and haven’t reached any agreement.

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