It has been observed that at this point in time, android is on track to achieve 50% of the mobile market share in the coming few months of 2011. Now, the big question is, will competitors be able to stop android from achieving it?
In the US smart phone market, Android has been a success story this year and it is increasing with the rate of 1.7 points a month according to a survey. Basically, this means that an open handset community will capture smart phone handset market by 50% till the end of this year.

With the growth of android, even smart phone market is also expanding with the similar rates in recent past. According to a survey, 3.7 million users bought a smart phone in the month of Feb. This number was at 3 million and 2.1 million in March and April respectively this year. According to this survey, the number should have hit 2.2 millions in May and it actually did. Now, if we assume that a market shall get an average of 2.2 million users in coming the months, the graph of android is going in such a way that it will hit the range of 50% by this coming December.
For the raw figures, survey results showed that by December this year, the number of smart phone users will grow to 90 million and out of this, 45 million will be the users using Android platform based phones. Just imagine that number! 45 million users in a month means we are going to go through an Android revolution very very soon.

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