How many times have you seen an Android phone in a good budget that you can afford? I think many times you have seen such a phone in almost all mobile stores around you. Probably, you might think that all android based phones launch till now might be in reach of you But have you ever heard about an android based phone with the cost of $6820? Yes, we are talking about an android based phone from Tag Heuer. With the model name of Link, Tag Heuer has entered into the smart phone market.


Technically, this model runs on Android 2.2 mobile. It is having 3.5” TFT screen which comes with regular android navigation buttons. A Link has 5.0 MP cameras with flash and it has stereo Bluetooth included in it. To add another communication feature, it has wi-fi capabilities. However, it disappoints when it comes to internal memory as it has only 256 MB internal memory. However, it supports 8 GB expanded memory. AS far as talk time goes, it supports six hours of talk time with about two weeks of standby time.
Here is the feature why it costs so much. That is its case. According to the kind of buyer, a mobile case can be made of different materials. It can have a case made up of 18k rose gold, steel or titanium mixed with diamonds just like Tag Heuer watches. As far as the screen glass goes, it is made up of Gorilla glass which is used in most of the higher end smart phones.

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