Now Android adds one more feature update to its application also Skype comes live through video chat intended for Android Apps, although, only few androids has this feature compatibility but, it is great news. This new variant of Skype’s application allows people to make totally free video cell phone calls between the phones along with Skype contacts those happen to be using any kind of Skype-enabled device.

The different and new features of your Android phone application include simple easy to use a contact list and an innovative message box which is moody and presents itself on the top of the list which makes it simple to set you current status.


The Skype bring up to date comes shortly after the two Netflix, in addition to Hulu Plus designed, their method to Android Sans, naturally, support for everyone phones. The actual cause of those voids within support appeared to be mostly more than DRM concerns, making a bit more perception than the bumpy support for any Skype update.

Most Android owners have been using Skype, since October, but that definitely was without the video one to one chat. Plus it’s been possible for long to use non-Skype video clip calls among Android devices through search engines G Talk plus Oovoo. Even the iOS device masters have been creating video phone calls over Skype only since late this past year.

At present, only some androids have been lucky enough to possess this up-to-date app support. These are to be HTC Desire S, Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro from Sony Ericson, also Google Nexus S. Congratulations to all!

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