Having a smart mobile device is something very cool and makes everyone trying and installing different applications, trying multiple apps, which do one and the same thing, and finally pick the one which is most suitable for his needs. But what happens if we want to delete the rest of the applications, or just want to make some clean up of our device, removing the applications which are not used anymore or which we just don’t want? You have to tap on each one of them, then tapping on Uninstall, then confirm the uninstallation. Having to uninstall more than 10 apps will be a really slow and annoying operation.


But there is a solution to this problem, too. Just download and install App Uninstall. It is giving you the ability to uninstall multiple applications at once, yet providing very pleasant and stylish user interface. The application will let you choose the applications that you want to uninstall, sorting them in ascending or descending order by size, date or name. Pretty useful especially if you want to free up some space and remove the apps that take most of it. App Uninstall also has another interesting function – it has an Exclude list, in which you can put certain important applications that you don’t want to uninstall by mistake.

So if you plan to clean up your mobile device, scan the QR code bellow and take advantage of App Uninstall.

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