Being excited around the news for the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z we didn’t pay attention to another gadget that HTC announced together with the two mobiles. The Media Link wireless DLNA adaptor is said to be released on the last quarter of 2010, which is actually pretty soon.


This tiny magical box will let you stream media content from your DLNA-enabled mobile phone directly to a compatible TV, no matter if it is DLNA ready or not. The DLNA companion box will do the whole work on the TV side. It’s use is as easy as plugging in the microUSB power cable and connect the box to your TV via the mini HDMI output. The rest is as usual – connect your mobile phone wirelessly to the box and stream your audio, video or pictures and enjoy them on the big screen.

However it is not yet clear which devices, except Desire Z and Desire HD, will be able to stream smoothly the media content, but even if there is no official support, I’m pretty sure that the hackers’ community will find some way to make things work.

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