Yesterday during a conference in London HTC announced a new and improved version of HTC Sense. It will be implemented in the two new mobile phones, which HTC also announced during this conference – Desire HD and Desire Z. There is no graphical change in the UI but some new features are available.

The new things in this fresh Sense UI are:

  • A brand new video/photo capture, edit, upload and share system
  • New video/photo capture effects
  • A car application
  • An updated e-mail application

Another new interesting thing that caught our attention is a map application. It will be able to store the maps locally so that the user can browse them either online or offline. HTC also mentioned that this new map application will include orientation feature – the map will be rotated so that it faces the direction to which the user is facing (probably something similar to the navigation applications).

HTC also said that with their Smart Boot the time needed to start your mobile was dropped from 45 seconds down to 12. It will be great if this is really so, because all devices suffered from terrible booting time.


Last, but definitely not least, is the new website that will be launched soon. It will act like in-case-of-theft feature. Via this new website the user will be able to track down his mobile device and even ring it (this will be very useful if you have thrown your phone somewhere in the room and can’t find it). You will also be able to remotely forward your incoming messages and calls to another phone number, you can also lock your phone or wipe all the data on it (pretty useful if you keep important information like passwords, credit card info or other private information). On top of this, there will be cloud backups of your contacts, messages, call history, customizations and user data.

All these new features sound pretty cool and surely some bugs and optimizations must have been done to HTC Sense as a general. But the big question now, which probably everyone of you is asking right now, is whether the new HTC Sense will be released as an update to the currently available devices worldwide or not! Let’s hope that soon every Android HTC user will take benefit of all this.

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