You may remember back on the 16th Sept we gave you all links to prices for the HTC Desire HD and the Desire Z, well now these prices have been updated!
And yes they have gotten cheaper!
All the old prices and info are on the older post if you want to go check them out.
But new prices for both phones and where to get each of them are as follows! (hope you’ve been saving!)

Desire HD – €600 – €619

Desire Z – €539 – €569

These are still pretty expensive phones but good to see some great reductions in the prices (€75 on the HD with No news yet regarding service providers prices, but Meteor will have both phones.
According to both the HD and the Z are due the 12th October.
Else where rumors abound that the Desire will be available 11th October, so this is a pretty good sign both will be available round about then.

UPDATE: Prices have been reduced further for each phone on both website sites listed above, which is great news! but unfortunately the dates of when they will become available have been pushed out until 30th Oct for the Z and 18th for the HD on one website. Does this mean the early stock has already been reserved? Or did they get release dates wrong?

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