Those of you who regularly use the GPS on your mobile phone and are annoyed by the work of their Captivate’s GPS can get some relief, as Samsung and AT&T has just announced an OTA update. The fix should improve the performance of the GPS (Samsung don’t call it a fix, but “an update to improve the GPS performance).

There are already some tests done by users, which show that the improvement is not much, but however the updated Captivate is able to connect to more satellites and does it quicker than the non-updated one. It’s not much but it is some improvement. Maybe the owners of Galaxy S are taking a deep breath, wondering if such a fix will soon be available for their devices in the near future. But one thing can be said for sure – developers at Samsung are aware of the problems and are working hard on them.


Here is a part of the actual press release:

“An update to improve the Samsung Captivate’s GPS performance is now available. Captivate customers will receive a notification on their device that an update is available and will simply need to download the file to update their phone. The updates will be pushed to customers’ devices over the next few weeks. The update for the Captivate will also improve additional device functions, such as media scanning time, add the full version of Quickoffice and address Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy support.”

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