It seems that the guys at Google has finally decided to separate Gmail from the main package of Android and make it a stand-alone application. Last night, a new version – 2.3,  of the mail client was uploaded in the Android market, full of many new useful features. After updating, your Gmail client will:

  • Be able to view and edit the new “Priority Inbox” feature
  • Have a new “Show Quoted text” button
  • Have a floating Message Actions Toolbar with dedicated “Star” and “Reply” buttons

The “Reply” button can be customized so that pressing it will either fire just Reply or Reply All. Of course, the guys from Google have done some performance optimizations. All these changes make browsing and writing e-mails with Gmail a lot easier and pleasant experience and I’m sure everyone would like to update to Gmail 2.3!


“Why I can’t find the update in the market?” is the question most of you are asking themselves right now. The catch is that this update is available only for Android 2.2 Froyo users. A big disappointment for many of us, especially those who know that their device would never get updated to Froyo. But let’s not lose hope and pray that Google developers will make Gmail 2.3 available for earlier versions of Android.

If you are among the lucky ones, who have Froyo on their mobile, go ahead and scan the QR code below:

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